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Burning Fat and How to Fuel the body


People with more lean muscle burn fat at a much greater rate than those with less lean muscle.  On a side note, but very important all the same, not eating enough calories will send your body into a frenzy. It will not only store fat as a life saving reaction to the “starvation effect” but it will then start breaking down your lean muscle for energy instead.


So- this is where I will help.  By fuelling your body with the right amount of food to sustain your daily lifestyle, as well as change your body composition, you need to eat


Eating more regularly maintains the health of your metabolism.


Eating enough helps to improve bodily functions, fuels it right for the level of activity, promotes fat burning, improves sleep, balances hormones.


Eating enough of the right foods feeds your muscles, reduces cravings, reduces hormonal imbalances and aids homeostatis (ideal functioning of the body)


Why Muscles matter…..


You might cringe at this word, thinking you don’t want muscles, and my pictures may put you off. But this was the end result of a targetted, specific plan. So please keep on reading.


If you want a more defined silhouette, reduce the tendency to have cellulite, or at least smooth out any lumps and bumps then resistance training, as well as other methods of training, and a dietary plan, need to be incorporated into your weekly schedule.


The more lean muscle you have the more fat you burn. And its not only burning up the fat as energy whilst you exercise either. It is continually burning fat afterwards too. So- this is where

I come in and assist with how we burn that fat. There are many ways of doing this of course. But incorporating High Intensity Workouts regularly along with resistance training is a sure fire way of reigniting your metabolism to burn fat, and keep on burning it for up to 48 hours after your workout has ended.





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