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About me - because it's about you...


About me – because it’s about you!


I’m a busy working Mum of 2 who faced the usual challenges of weight, shape and fitness. I have had a long interest in health, nutrition, well-being and exercise – yet no one seemed to combine this in a personal way to meet the needs and goals of women.


My personal journey opened my eyes to what was possible – and not possible – and how nutrition and exercise can be combined to be fun, challenging and above all fit around your lifestyle and still achieve what you want.


So from a long term career in customer service, running a department I took a deep breath and switched to a career as a personal trainer – I matched my career with my lifetime of passion for health and fitness – and I can help you achieve your goals too.


I qualified as a personal trainer and applied my study of nutrition and wellness that has helped those around me to set and achieve their goals:


Want to get to a certain weight, size or fitness level? Then you can only do that by combining exercise and nutrition intelligently, ensuring short term targets become long term life goals.


I’ll work with you to understand what you want, help you set realistic and sometimes improbable goals and I’ll be there with you as you achieve them.


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The best way to get to know me is a free circuit session! Please use the contact form on this page and I will be in touch.

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